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Great marketing tells a story that impacts the world at large. Great storytelling isn't a banner ad, passive blog post, or the latest press release; it's an interactive narrative that inspires, educates and excites an audience.

Brands have a tremendous opportunity in our connected, digital world. They've built massive, global followings through social media. But now, marketers are faced with a new challenge. How do they keep these audiences engaged?

Content is created, consumed and shared at an unprecedented rate. 500 million tweets are shared every day, and 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

There has been a fundamental shift in marketing. Banner ads don't work anymore. In fact, 70% of consumers would prefer getting to know a company through content.

The sales cycle is longer and 67% of consumers say content helps them make better purchasing decisions. Marketers are more accountable for business growth than ever before.

Marketers need a way to create sought-after stories with simplicity, speed and scale.

Over the past few years, we've worked on building the first real end-to-end content marketing solution. By combining cutting-edge software and quality content, we've changed the game for marketers. The Content Marketing Cloud gives you a single platform to plan, source, discover, publish and measure content marketing at scale. Additionally, our platform connects you to the largest content marketplace in the world. Marketers gain unprecedented access to licensed content from over 4,000 publishers, as well as The NewsRoom, an exclusive original content network, including writers, photographers, videographics and designers.






Shared vision

“There is a strategic shift happening in marketing as brands seek to provide consistent, relevant content to digital audiences. They’re evaluating platforms that offer them not only access to a massive repository of content but also the technology required to activate that content to benefit their bottom line, by any metric – clients, revenue, year-over-year growth and funding – NewsCred is the leading SaaS company in the content marketing industry.”

- Jon Miller, Co-founder, Marketo and Advisory Member, NewsCred

We're on a mission.

NewsCred was built with purpose. We realized that the journalism industry needed a new sustainable business model. We believed that the journalism industry should not just survive. It should thrive! By commissioning and licensing trusted content across a broad range of subjects and perspectives, NewsCred delivers millions of dollars of revenue back into the news ecosystem. We're raising standards. We license complete articles, pay our publishers and always attribute stories to the journalists who create them.

From our founders: How NewsCred started

We founded NewsCred in 2008, and this is a story of perseverance. The initial idea for NewsCred was seeded in Dhaka, Bangladesh where we came up with a vision that has guided us ever since: finding a way to surface high quality journalism. At the time, we didn't know how big a business it could be, but we all knew it was important.

With the three of us working on three corners of the planet (Asif in Philadelphia, Iraj in Dhaka, Shafqat in Geneva), we quietly went about building a consumer facing news site that gave readers the ability to rate, tag, comment and vote on the quality and credibility of news. That is where the NewsCred name came from. It was a bold and ambitious challenge, but ultimately not suited as a scalable business. Through ups and downs, we iterated quickly and focused on building out the two core assets of our business: premium content and world class technology. We knew that if we could use technology to organize all the world’s news, we could build a company that would have impact on the world.

We tried many models, but the three of us always listened to the market and our customers. And after five years of perseverance, patience and constant iteration, we finally hit our stride and NewsCred blossomed into the business you see today. We moved the headquarters to New York in order to be closer to our partners, customers and investors, but still have a world class team in Dhaka. We now serve the needs of both publishers and marketers. We’ve doubled down on our core assets, and are privileged to work with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the world. As three Bangladeshis, we’re proud to have built so much of our business in Dhaka, and pouring our energy, finances, heart and soul into the country we are so proud of.

Ultimately, through all the pivots, we’ve never strayed from our core purpose to help journalism survive and thrive. And above all, we’ve learned to never ever, ever, ever give up.


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