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It's not our job. It's our mission.

We’re a business powered by a social mission: to help the journalism industry thrive. By building incredible technology, NewsCred is bridging the gap between content creators and businesses.

We’ve developed relationships with over 4,000 top publications and built the highest paying freelancer network in the world. Together, we’re powering engaging content experiences and driving revenue for global brands.

How we work.

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    Never settle for the status quo.

    Everyday is about innovating in a big, game-changing way. We’re using technology to transform the entire media industry.

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    Own huge ideas, be your own CEO

    Everyone on our team has the power and responsibility to see their vision through. Working at NewsCred is about leadership and accountability.

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    There are no problems, only solutions.

    There will always be obstacles, but success is about demonstrating persistence and resourcefulness. We approach challenges creatively and collectively so that nothing stands in our way.

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    Be ambitious, but stay focused.

    We’re tackling industry-wide problems. Cutting features and perfecting existing products before building anything new is crucial to our success as a company.

Perks: It's not why we come to work, but it sure helps.


Creators and coders. Artists and builders. Writers and rainmakers.
We’re a diverse group AND everyone is brilliant, driven, and irrationally optimistic.
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