We’re all a part of something bigger than us.


Our mission.

NewsCred is a company built with purpose. Since inception, we've been in a fierce fight to defend journalism. But in order for journalism to flourish, we need to change the narrative from a story of survival to a story of growth.

We believe that in order for the industry to grow, we need to discover new economic models to pay for the journalism we love. Since the existing models have collapsed, we have hardly seen any innovation in the category. Ad products online are generally terrible and disruptive. Plus, they don't make news organizations nearly enough money. But every person at NewsCred is doing something about it.

Every day, we come to work to build products that will ultimately create value for people like you and me. Our products also create value for marketers, to help them build great companies that can impact the world. But most critical to our social mission, our products help define a new generation of economic models that help underwrite great journalism.

A letter from the CEO.

We founded NewsCred in 2008, and this is a story of perseverance. The initial idea for NewsCred was seeded in Dhaka, Bangladesh where we came up with a vision that has guided us ever since: finding a way to surface high-quality journalism. At the time, we didn't know how big a business it could be, but we all knew it was important.

With the three of us working on three corners of the planet (Asif in Philadelphia, Iraj in Dhaka, Shafqat in Geneva), we quietly went about building a consumer-facing news site that gave readers the ability to rate, tag, comment, and vote on the quality and credibility of news. That is where the NewsCred name came from. It was a bold and ambitious challenge, but ultimately not suited as a scalable business. Through ups and downs, we iterated quickly and focused on building out the two core assets of our business: premium content and world-class technology. We knew that if we could use technology to organize all the world’s news, we could build a company that would have impact on the world.

We tried many models, but the three of us always listened to the market and our customers. And after five years of perseverance, patience and constant iteration, we finally hit our stride and NewsCred blossomed into the business you see today. We moved the headquarters to New York in order to be closer to our partners, customers and investors, but still have a world-class team in Dhaka. We now serve the needs of both publishers and marketers. We’ve doubled down on our core assets, and are privileged to work with some of the smartest and most passionate people in the world. As three Bangladeshis, we’re proud to have built so much of our business in Dhaka, and pouring our energy, finances, and heart and soul into the country we are so proud of.

Ultimately, through all the pivots, we’ve never strayed from our core purpose to help journalism survive and thrive. And above all, we’ve learned to never ever, ever, ever give up.

Shafqat Islam, CEO

Fueling the content ecosystem.

NewsCred’s NewsRoom provides independent journalists an entirely new, reliable revenue stream. We help ensure incredible journalism continues to thrive and have paid out over half a million dollars to our NewsRoom freelancers. Additionally, NewsCred’s Licensed Content offering funnels millions of dollars every year to our publisher network, allowing them to focus less on their bottom line and more on great journalism.

The causes we care about.

When NewsCred cares about a cause, we go all in. We will do everything and anything for the non-profit organizations we care about. From marketing resources and volunteering, to financial contributions and support, we are truly dedicated to contributing to a better tomorrow.

In 2014, NewsCred hosted two events for Hellen Keller International, sponsored a volunteer event for Hunger Van, launched a company-wide Movember Team for men's health, and launched a Speaker Series that invites groundbreakers to share their story, and then makes a donation to their charity of choice. In 2015, we plan to do much more.

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