Brand Governance

The Challenge

Today’s connected consumer is surrounded by an increasing number of content experiences. While brands work to provide the volume and variety of content consumers need, they struggle to maintain a unified brand voice.

Our Solution

NewsCred’s Brand Governance tools were built to help global brands maintain a unified brand voice and manage their content marketing and social conversations with confidence and security.

Brand Consistency

Easily centralize assets and enforce brand guidelines to deliver a cohesive brand message across teams, markets, and channels.

  • Organize global assets into folders and share approved assets across teams and markets.
  • Easily brand images with custom logos and fonts.
  • Create brand checklists to enforce brand design, tone, and copy guidelines.

Governance and Compliance

Protect your brand from any mishaps by building and maintaining a brand governance process unique to your organization.

  • Build custom workflow processes specific to your organization’s needs.
  • Manage social media posts, comments, and replies through custom social governance workflows.
  • Maintain a single view of all content being produced across the organization.

Access and Permissions

Secure your content and data by controlling account access and permissions.

  • Control access to sensitive information with advanced user and campaign permissioning.
  • Enable or prohibit specific actions with group-based roles and responsibilities.
  • Limit the visibility that external teams and agencies have by restricting access to specific content, campaigns, or assets.

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