How content marketing is paying off for the leading student loan repayment company

Key results

increase in pageviews

increase in audience engagement rate

of inbound contact form submissions generated by content

Gradifi offers a unique approach to student loan repayment: allowing employers to contribute to paying down employees’ debt.

Knowing that its target audience craved up-to-date information on financial wellness and workplace trends, the Gradifi team decided to launch a content marketing program. Its aim was to increase Gradifi’s brand awareness by providing valuable expertise and resources, underscored by the unique, personal approach that sets the brand apart.

Gradifi partnered with NewsCred to launch The Notebook, the company’s first content hub, featuring licensed and original content and Gradifi’s new brand identity.

Since launch, Gradifi has seen impressive results in the form of substantial audience acquisition and increased engagement. Through 2017 and into 2018, the Gradifi team will be working with NewsCred to develop and refine The Notebook’s SEO strategy, continue to build its audience, and produce more custom content.