A Unified MarTech Stack
Begins with NewsCred

By combining robust native campaign planning and content creation capabilities with best-in-class integrations into leading systems, NewsCred becomes the central operating system for marketers, connecting people, processes, and technologies.

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Connect Your Entire
Marketing Lifecycle Within
a Single Platform

NewsCred’s platform enables entire marketing teams to come together to prioritize, plan, create, distribute, and measure content and campaigns from a single platform, while our suite of strategic integrations bridge the gap between other essential technologies.

Purpose-built to map to the entire marketing lifecycle and connect to your team's tools of choice, NewsCred's integrations help teams accelerate campaign execution, measure performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Marketing project management software

Benefits to Integrating with NewsCred

Drive Speed & Efficiency

Allow your marketing teams to do more, faster, by connecting your tools and eliminating the friction caused by siloed processes. NewsCred becomes your central operating system, so marketers can use the tools they’re used to, accelerate the hand-off of work between teams, and focus on executing the work.

Deliver Better Marketing

Ensure a consistent, cross-channel experience for your audience with seamless publishing to all downstream channels, while unifying critical data to help make informed decisions, boost performance, and maximize your marketing investments.

Accelerate Time to Value

Spend more time focusing on marketing and less on deployment bottlenecks with simple, easy-to-use integrations. NewsCred’s purpose-built integrations allow marketers to quickly connect their current martech stack, allowing freedom of choice and eliminating the need for customs builds.

Increase Reliability &
Leverage IT Investments

Best-in-class native connections (no middleware here), and a RESTful, secure API, standardize the exchange of data, lowering the risk of broken integrations and eliminating IT waste — all while delivering on your unique use case. We provide the confidence, security, and trust you need to run your entire marketing ops in NewsCred.

NewsCred's Integrations

Designed to give your team the freedom of choice to connect with the tools they use — from campaign budgeting and real-time collaboration to content management and performance analytics — NewsCred's integrations “plug-and-play” directly into individual vendors.

Campaign Budgeting

Plan and monitor budget directly alongside marketing activity and bring marketing and finance teams together to ensure investments align to broader strategic goals.

Digital Asset Management

Push and pull brand assets between 3rd-party DAMs and NewsCred’s Library, enhancing content utilization and version control.


Connect your social team to your content and seamlessly share assets across all of your native social media apps and social media management platforms.

Financial Reporting

Streamline complex financial processes, and assess where marketing investments performed well, and where they fell short, to drive spend efficiency.

Content Management System

Plan and produce your content in NewsCred, and integrate your existing CMS for quick and seamless publishing.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Streamline your team’s access to the latest content, enhancing your marketing automation and demand generation campaigns.

Real-Time Collaboration

Accelerate the process of creating and collaborating on content of all formats by allowing teams to leverage their everyday development tools, while maintaining governance and approvals.

Sales Asset

Deliver a curated collection of relevant assets to Sales so they can create personalized cadences and build stronger prospect relationships.

Performance Analytics

Leverage external analytics tools to measure campaign and content impact across traffic, engagement, and conversions.


An Open API Designed to Meet Your Unique Use Case

What if NewsCred’s integrations do not solve for your team’s unique use case? NewsCred provides marketers with the flexibility they need through our public API, designed to extend the capabilities of our Connectors, as well as allow teams to exchange data with unique, homegrown tools.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Read our Integrations Overview

Download our Integrations brochure which outlines NewsCred's Integrations Framework, connector categories, and API to learn more about how you can unify your marketing stack and centralize your organization.

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See how NewsCred's integrations and API
unify your marketing stack.

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