NewsCred for integrated marketing

Empower marketing teams to work better together on a single platform and govern the complete content experience — across every customer touchpoint. Request demo

Unify teams, elevate marketing performance

Reclaim control over the content experience and increase ROI. NewsCred brings together marketing teams, elevating their work with global integrated campaign planning, local management, collaborative multi-format content creation, and advanced reporting.


Integrated Campaigns

Execute integrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns by bringing teams together within a single workspace to plan and execute campaigns across markets and lines of business. Deep analytic insights empower marketing organizations to function as a holistic team and improve operational efficiency to maximize the impact of content and ultimately increase marketing attributed-revenue.


Multi-Format Content Workflows

Manage the production of all the multi-format content that campaigns depend on, from videos and landing pages to presentations, infographics, social ads, and more. NewsCred's flexible content workflows make it easy for marketers to create, collaborate, and approve the wide variety of content needed to fuel their marketing efforts — all from a single platform.


Operational Reporting

With the ability to monitor team processes, assess campaign progress, and identify potential bottlenecks, teams gain the transparency needed to make informed, effective decisions that will minimize waste, improve operational efficiency, and maximize campaign performance.

Content marketing

One platform with the tools and intelligence your team needs to publish exceptional content and maximize ROI.