NewsCred is the leading content marketing platform.

We offer the most advanced technology for content marketers.
NewsCred's software allows content marketers to plan, create, publish, and distribute content quickly and easily to reach their target audiences. Measurement and analytics are a core component of the software, allowing businesses to track results and determine ROI.

Develop content aligned to your marketing strategy.

Simplify and scale your marketing process. We designed the NewsCred Content Marketing Platform specifically for content marketers. Use our editorial calendar and workflows to plan content and collaborate with teams, freelancers, and agencies. The result: quality content that drives business results.


Bring your brand to life through creative, compelling content.

Use the NewsCred Content Marketing Platform to manage ideas, assign content to teams and freelancers, and find captivating photos and images – all aligned with your content marketing strategy. In addition, NewsCred offers the world's largest content marketplace for content curation. Browse and select licensed articles from thousands of top publishers.

Publish + Distribute

Meet your audience where they are.

NewsCred's content marketing software helps you publish and distribute at scale, on a global or local basis, to reach your target audience. Through our platform, you can deploy blog posts, videos, and infographics to your website, then promote them through social media channels and email newsletters. It's digital marketing at its finest – and it's all on one platform.


Determine the ROI of your content marketing program.

Only NewsCred offers analytics specifically for content marketers. Our technology allows you to track your content marketing through the complete funnel. Measure traffic, engagement, actions, and revenue generated by your content marketing program. Drill down to individual piece of content to understand what's working, what content to create, and what distribution channels are the most effective. All you need is to simply integrate our content marketing analytics platform into your marketing technology stack.

Our content marketing platform and our internal systems are SOC 2 Type II compliant

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NewsCred's content marketing platform allows brands to grow with efficiency, agility, and scale.

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