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NewsCred partners with CMOs, marketing operations, and content teams to solve the most common marketing challenges.

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Marketing solutions to empower your team

Marketing Spend Management

Full visibility into all marketing budget allocations and spend data, bringing marketing and finance teams together to ensure investments align to broader strategic goals.

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Brand & Content Governance

Global governance of campaigns and content to ensure brand consistency at every touchpoint in the customer journey across markets, functions, and LOBs.

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Marketing Resource Management

Purpose-built tools to monitor marketing resources, and provide end-to-end control across financial and capacity planning, as well as project, brand, and content management.

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Integrated Marketing Planning

Strategic coordination between functional and channel teams to ensure consistent content experiences across all multi-channel marketing campaigns and deliverables.

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Work Request

Centralized, intelligent management of unplanned marketing work, allowing marketing teams to triage and prioritize requests for quicker turnarounds and shared visibility.

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Remote Marketing Collaboration

Productivity-centric tools designed to unify geographically distributed teams with shared visibility, real-time collaboration, and agile methodologies.

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