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As marketing efforts scale, so does the complexity of managing the myriad of campaign content and supporting brand assets. But ensuring compliance — across different teams, markets, and BUs — means having the right enterprise tools to maintain governance.

NewsCred provides marketing and creative teams with tools to scale multi-format content creation and probably govern marketing assets to facilitate a seamless, uniform brand experience across every channel and customer touchpoint.

Marketing project management software

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A lack of brand control
diminishes the impact of content

Underutilized content creates waste

60% of the content that marketing teams create never even reaches its intended destination (source: SiriusDecisions). The culprit? An inability to easily find, share, and repurpose existing content and brand assets, which creates waste and extra work.

Lack of message consistency across channels

72% of marketers are dissatisfied with their ability to engage customers across channels at scale (source: Salesforce). Without a shared solution to deliver consistent messaging, teams miss opportunities to extend their brand's reach.

Inadequate compliance result in off-brand experiences

75% of marketing teams do not have a way to consistently enforce their brand guidelines (source: LucidPress). Without a proper brand compliance checkpoints, individual teams operate in silos, and often outside of guidelines.

Create exceptional, on-brand content & maximize its reach


Shared, Global Asset Repository

Centralize approved assets & maximize content utilization

Avoid waste by centralizing content for maximum accessibility, ensuring all teams (whether global or local) reuse existing, pre-approved, and current assets. With a truly global content library, organizations can easily repurpose content to minimize waste and eliminate incremental production cost, helping the marketing budget go further.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Complete Asset Lineage
and Tracking

Monitor the use of content across all teams, LOBs & markets

Maintain brand control and ensure consistent messaging across audiences by tracking the lineage and history of every single marketing asset, providing a clear picture of who is repurposing what content, when, and how. And, with the ability monitor previous iterations and changes, teams can ensure all teams, LOBs, and markets are sharing the most up-to-date content.


Brand Compliance Checklists
and Workflows

Deliver on-brand, consistent content at every touchpoint

Ensure compliance across all completed assets with the ability to review in-progress work against defined brand guidelines and request changes as part of content creation workflows. With powerful brand compliance tools and asset sharing permissioning, teams can seamlessly govern the production of content and drive consistency across all campaign and content activity.

Marketing project management software

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Collaborative &
Transformative Partnership

Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace within [NewsCred] has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts.

- Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Finance Industry

Launch & Grow a
Successful Program

NewsCred also provides high-level visibility of project status through the task manager. You can easily see the progress of tasks, which tasks are overdue, and who is currently working on a specific task.

- Marketing Content Manager, Misc.

Visibility & Accountability
at Each Stage

[NewsCred's] workflows let us assign specific steps to members, and has transformed how we organize our assets, background/planning information, and feedback, all in one place.

- Sr. Editor, Content Marketing, Misc.

"NewsCred will be the hub of our brand ecosystem, for all of our content marketing globally, to help us orchestrate and deliver exceptional customer experiences."

— Digital Transformation Lead

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