Content Creation + Sourcing

The Challenge

Sourcing great content, finding creative talent, and compliantly clearing user-generated content are not easy tasks. They require deep expertise, strong resources, and sound legal knowledge.

Our Solution

NewsCred’s platform delivers seamless access to the world’s largest licensed content marketplace and a network of award-winning original content creators, making it easy to build your own brand newsroom.

Licensed Content

Easily source content from the world’s best publishers to maintain a consistent publishing cadence across all your channels.

  • Avoid the headache of commercial clearances with access to NewsCred’s fully-legal licensed content marketplace of over 5,000 publications.
  • Find relevant content from 40M full-text articles covering 160K topics, 19 verticals, and five languages.
  • Publish full-text articles, complete with the required attribution text, in your brand’s owned channels.

Original Content

Translate your unique brand voice and business goals into engaging and authentic editorial experiences.

  • Create custom content like daily blog posts, infographics, videos, and more through our hand-selected network of award-winning freelancers.
  • Collaborate using a rich text editor, complete with track changes, commenting, and approvals.
  • Let NewsCred manage the writer paperwork and payments for you.

User-generated and Visual Content

Publish stunning images with all of your landing pages, blogs, social posts, and emails.

  • Leverage NewsCred’s direct partnerships and legal licenses to access over 30M editorial and stock images.
  • Gain access to rights-cleared user-generated content, fully searchable within NewsCred’s platform.
  • Use NewsCred’s image editing tools to edit or brand images with custom fonts or logos.

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NewsCred's content marketing platform allows brands to grow with efficiency, agility, and scale.

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