Global Collaboration + Workflow

The Challenge

For global enterprise brands, scaling content across decentralized teams, markets and channels is extremely difficult. Ensuring global brand consistency and local relevance is even harder.

Our Solution

NewsCred’s platform helps global brands efficiently manage people and processes to deliver a unified content experience across teams, markets, and channels.

Global Campaigns, Calendars, and Assets

Execute cohesive global campaigns through shared calendars and assets that drive internal alignment and brand consistency.

  • Create "campaigns" to organize your content marketing efforts by audience, topic, event, or business goal.
  • Align teams around a shared calendar that encompasses all marketing activities.
  • Upload and store existing assets in one central repository.
  • Share campaigns, calendars, and assets..

Collaboration and Workflow

Build out a process that is specific to your organization’s collaboration, production, approval, and publishing needs.

  • Create custom workflows to formalize a process for each of your marketing activities.
  • Streamline all collaboration and feedback into a unified workspace.
  • Comment, @ mention, or trigger email notifications to specific team members.

Project Management

Easily keep track of all the content being produced across your organization and quickly spot anything that needs extra attention.

  • Maintain visibility and control through a centralized task management dashboard.
  • Sort or filter tasks by campaign, channel, or due date to manage the queue of content awaiting attention.
  • Approve several pending tasks in one action.

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NewsCred's content marketing platform allows brands to grow with efficiency, agility, and scale.

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