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Marketing operations are a critical component of any successful campaign. But as tech stacks grow, marketers face an increasingly complex landscape — one that introduces pitfalls when it comes to processes around collaboration, transparency, and knowledge sharing.

NewsCred’s marketing resource management software aims to address these problems head on and help transform marketing operations, with purpose-built tools to monitor marketing resources and provide end-to-end control across financial and capacity planning, as well as project, brand, and content management.

Marketing project management software

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Common Marketing Operations Challenges

Limited Visibility into Marketing Plans & Resources

Static planning spreadsheets lead to version control, are difficult to maintain, and cause misalignment between teams. Without real-time tools, leaders are unable to strategically plan coordinated campaigns or allocate resources.

Silos & Red Tape Between Marketing & Finance

Without the ability to effectively track content production costs, campaign managers are in the dark about how much has been invested, and campaign- or channel-specific metrics don’t translate well (or don't exist) for the head of finance.

Lack of a Source-of-Truth Platform

When disconnects exist between planning and execution, it becomes difficult to track progress and measure performance. The result is bottlenecks in execution and an inability to measure the true return on marketing initiatives.

Streamline operations with end-to-end coverage across
Brand, People, Content, & Money Management


People Management

Balance workloads based on demand (& availability)

Enable marketing leaders to monitor the capacity of every team and individual contributor with visibility across all campaigns and task assignments, ensuring resources are able to prioritize more strategic, value-adding work. Ultimately, NewsCred helps marketing leaders increase the efficiency of existing resources and maximize the output of each team, while also effectively managing the overall workload balance to avoid employee burnout.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Money Management

Manage marketing budgets & stick-to-plan

Unify campaign and content execution with native in-app budget and spend management tools to provide full visibility into marketing investments and ensure tighter alignment across marketing, finance, and broader corporate goals. Ultimately, this enables teams and marketing leaders to maximize total spend, measure marketing-attributed revenue directly alongside actual costs, and track true return on marketing investment (ROMI).


Brand Management

Maintain large, complex, global projects

Empower teams to maintain brand control and facilitate consistency across all campaign-supporting content, ensuring compliance even at the largest of scales. Ultimately, NewsCred gives teams the ability to manage content production processes, operate intuitive workflows for approvals and brand management, and ensure compliance and governance across all campaigns and supporting assets.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Content Management

Centralize content creation & storage

Bring cross-functional marketing teams (across every channel and discipline) together to produce the various deliverables that their campaigns depend on — from text, images, infographics, PDFs and multi-media — quickly, easily, and collaboratively. Ultimately, NewsCred seamlessly bridges the gap from planning to execution, helping teams become more efficient and productive by using tailored processes and robust tools that accelerate production, review, and approval workflows.

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Collaborative &
Transformative Partnership

Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace within [NewsCred] has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts.

- Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Finance Industry

Launch & Grow a
Successful Program

NewsCred also provides high-level visibility of project status through the task manager. You can easily see the progress of tasks, which tasks are overdue, and who is currently working on a specific task.

- Marketing Content Manager, Misc.

Visibility & Accountability
at Each Stage

[NewsCred's] workflows let us assign specific steps to members, and has transformed how we organize our assets, background/planning information, and feedback, all in one place.

- Sr. Editor, Content Marketing, Misc.

"NewsCred will be the hub of our brand ecosystem, for all of our content marketing globally, to help us orchestrate and deliver exceptional customer experiences."

— Digital Transformation Lead

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