Marketing Spend

In today’s results-driven world, marketers are on the hook for every dollar. But without the proper tools to manage campaign spend, budgets can balloon and returns are diminished.

NewsCred’s marketing spend management provides marketers with the control needed to monitor budgets, manage marketing investments, and orchestrate multi-channel campaigns — from start to finish.

Marketing project management software

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Ditch the static,
old-school way of budgeting

Lack of Visibility (& Unknown Bottom Line)

Without the ability to drill into specific campaign initiatives and measure spend vs. output, measuring true ROMI becomes... impossible.

Lack of Control (& Ever-Growing Budgets)

Without a source of truth to track specific marketing spend — and govern it at the campaign level — marketing budgets become a black box.

Lack of Process
(& Approval Chaos)

When Marketing & Finance operate independently (and in their own tools), they run the risk of data inconsistency and face inefficient approval workflows.

Modern budgeting tools for full control across
all campaign activity and spend


Top-Down & Bottom-Up Campaign Budgeting

Keep track of every dollar, and get the most
out of your campaigns

Establish a top down budget and track allocations against the plan, or roll up all of your marketing costs to maintain the overall budget health. Ultimately, marketing leaders have the tools in place to easily see planned vs. allocated vs. actual vs. remaining budget amounts, while campaign managers have the granular visibility to track over (or under) spend for each marketing initiative — in real-time.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Invoice, Payment, &
Vendor Management

Everything you need to keep track of your campaign costs

Provide a single-source-of-truth for marketing and finance to reconcile transactions and ensure visibility into what was spent to date vs. what’s outstanding. By uploading marketing invoices to specific work streams within an individual campaign and tracking payments to vendors, teams have complete visibility into each line item and the impact on the overall campaign budget.


Transparent Financial Reporting

Monitor spend and maximize the return on your investments

Reference easy-to-read financial reports that surface budget health at-a-glance, and drilldowns into spend by category and allocations across vendors, product lines, and more. With a single source to measure actual campaign spend against robust campaign and content analytics, teams have the insights to measure true return on investment, and get the most out of future campaigns.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Seamless Integrations with Leading ERPs

Eliminate silos between Marketing & Finance

Integrate with existing ERP systems to automatically ingest financial data, accelerate budget approvals, and simplify the reconciliation process of marketing transactions. By leveraging native plug-and-play connectors, teams can maintain tighter alignment with their Finance counterparts and better manage all of their campaign spend — directly along campaign activity.

Reviewed by Marketing Professionals

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Collaborative &
Transformative Partnership

Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace within [NewsCred] has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts.

- Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Finance Industry

Launch & Grow a
Successful Program

NewsCred also provides high-level visibility of project status through the task manager. You can easily see the progress of tasks, which tasks are overdue, and who is currently working on a specific task.

- Marketing Content Manager, Misc.

Visibility & Accountability
at Each Stage

[NewsCred's] workflows let us assign specific steps to members, and has transformed how we organize our assets, background/planning information, and feedback, all in one place.

- Sr. Editor, Content Marketing, Misc.

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Bank of America
Johnson and Johnson
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In a recent survey, 84% of marketing leaders said that maximizing their budget is one of the top marketing initiatives for 2020. Download the "State of Marketing 2020" to see how leading brands are tackling budgeting challenges.

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