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Successful campaigns and content tactics are dependent on marketing teams being on the same page — even if they’re not in the same office. To navigate this new remote world, marketers need to reinvent how they work to maintain collaboration and productivity.

NewsCred’s software is designed to unify geographically distributed marketers, and help organizations work better, faster, and smarter — together. With a suite of productivity-centric functionality, NewsCred helps remote marketing teams with tools that provide shared visibility, facilitate real-time collaboration, and drive agile processes.

Marketing project management software

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Avoid the common pitfalls of
remote marketing work

Lack of Visibility & Communication

People are (quite literally) working independently. Hence the need for real-time calendars, tools to share and/or collaborate on plans, views that share who is working on what (and when). Without it, teams fall victim to not knowing who is working on what, and when handoffs are occurring.

Managing Shifting Priorities (& Resources)

When you’re distributed, knowing who is working on what gets harder. Transparency is vital for team alignment, especially when managing shifting priorities and new, unexpected marketing requests. If people are isolated, how do we maintain the same level of output without being in the same office?

More Performance Scrutiny & Remote Fatigue

In times of economic hardship, budgets shrink, and pressures rise. Marketing is still on the hook to deliver certain results, and the business will be looking at where they’re spending money, why, and what are the results. This constant pressure can lead to stress and remote marketing fatigue.

Power a new era of marketing work


Campaign List View

Monitor All Activities From a Single, Intuitive Interface

As a marketer, we know strategies, campaigns, and supporting tactics are ever-evolving. With NewsCred's Campaign List View, teams maintain a single view of all marketing activities. Specifically, it allows you to easily monitor the health of all campaigns in an intuitive, spreadsheet-like format to identify roadblocks before they happen. Because let’s be honest: no one has time to go digging for updates or ensure proper handoffs between teams.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Bandwidth Views & Time Tracking

Manage Capacity & Better Allocate Resources

When working remotely, understanding what your team members are tasked with, and when, is critical to effectively prioritizing, assigning, and managing work across distributed teams. To alleviate this burden, NewsCred provides a Resource Bandwidth View, giving teams the ability to easily see who is assigned to what, as well as the progress of in-progress tasks, no matter where your team members are. Additionally, drag-and-drop capabilities allow managers to easily reassign steps, allowing teams to respond quickly to shifting priorities or surprise roadblocks.


Purpose-Built Roles & Permissions

Simplify Sharing & Maximize Collaboration

NewsCred bring remote teams together into one platform to manage all of their marketing activity. But as campaign members grow, marketers need the ability to share work (with appropriate levels of access) to various colleagues. Managing these user permissions — particularly at scale — requires a delicate combination that both enables collaboration as well as maintains governance. To streamline this governance and maximize collaboration, NewsCred introduces an intuitive permissions model and powerful sharing functionality, purpose-built for marketing.

Marketing project management software

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Collaborative &
Transformative Partnership

Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace within [NewsCred] has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts.

- Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Finance Industry

Launch & Grow a
Successful Program

NewsCred also provides high-level visibility of project status through the task manager. You can easily see the progress of tasks, which tasks are overdue, and who is currently working on a specific task.

- Marketing Content Manager, Misc.

Visibility & Accountability
at Each Stage

[NewsCred's] workflows let us assign specific steps to members, and has transformed how we organize our assets, background/planning information, and feedback, all in one place.

- Sr. Editor, Content Marketing, Misc.

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JP Morgan Chase

Bank of America
Johnson and Johnson
General Electric

"By providing holistic visibility to each of our stakeholders at every stage of the process, the entire team is able to facilitate cross-agency planning, deliver a unified content experience at every stage of the customer journey."

— Susan Campbell, Marketing Group Manager, Panasonic

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