The Challenge

Leveraging external cloud technology often times means data security and platform reliability are no longer centrally managed by your IT department. Therefore, partnering with a trusted and secure vendor is essential for peace of mind and success.

Our Solution

NewsCred is a cloud-based platform built on modern technologies and designed to optimize performance, scale, and security. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your core competency while we monitor, maintain, and increase the security controls across our platform.

Platform Reliability and Scalability

NewsCred’s platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for high availability, low latency, and access to industry leading infrastructure such as ISO certification, network security, BCP/DR support, encryption, and backups.

  • Greater than 99.99% average annual availability.
  • Regular security audits and penetration tests.
  • Data backups and data replication across multiple database servers.

Account Security

The platform was designed to be secure, yet flexible. You can configure your account based on your organization’s structure and cross-group collaboration needs.

  • Designated account administrators to control access and permissions.
  • Control visibility and transparency with role-based permissions.
  • Ensure security and compliance by defining the specific actions that users and teams can take at each step of the workflow process.

Data Security and Stability

NewsCred implements data security and privacy best practices. Your data is protected from the moment it is uploaded to the NewsCred platform.

  • Data security for data in transit and data at rest, with monitoring for intrusion and general security.
  • Security controls ensure internal servers only talk to permissioned resources.
  • Monitoring for ongoing security and overall stability.

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