Social Publishing

The Challenge

Social media provides brands a great channel to engage and grow their audience. However, managing each of your brand's social channels, respective content publishing schedules, and overall social performance metrics can be challenging.

Our Solution

Publish to all of your social channels, identifying opportunities for paid amplification, and optimize your content strategy from a single platform.

Streamline Social Strategy

Streamline your social media efforts through a single platform, supporting your social channels, teams, and partners.

  • Plan the cadence of your social posts through a single calendar for all social posts and events.
  • Share social calendar with other teams, markets or partners to deliver unified social campaigns.
  • Govern all social channels with account permissions and custom workflows.

Cross-channel Publishing

Engage your audience with amazing content experiences across all your social channels.

  • Seamlessly create, schedule, and publish content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  • Optimize content for every audience, channel, and geography with written and visual content library coupled with robust editing tools.
  • Create smart paid media or distribution strategies across channels through NewsCred’s industry-leading partnerships.

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NewsCred's content marketing platform allows brands to grow with efficiency, agility, and scale.

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