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Request Management

Every day, marketing teams receive dozens of requests through a wide variety of channels. But when unplanned work is mismanaged, it can derail projects, impact priorities, and take time away from more strategic efforts.

Designed to bring order to the chaos of inbound work, NewsCred has transformed how marketing and creative services manage marketing requests, helping teams centralize, route, and fulfill ad hoc work — at scale.

Marketing project management software

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The chaos of unplanned,
ad hoc marketing requests

Decentralized Management Create Visibility Challenges

When individuals send requests across a number of channels — such as email, chat, and more — inbound work becomes difficult to monitor effectively and impossible to manage as a team.

Disjointed Tools Slow Down Execution

Using separate tools to collect, review, and approve requests contributes to operational inefficiencies — delaying start times, extending feedback cycles, and slowing creative delivery.

Ad Hoc = Time Wasted on Tactical, Non-Strategic Work

Without a way to collectively manage incoming work, marketers must independently prioritize requests — introducing the risk of misalignment while taking time away from more strategic initiatives.

Track priorities, manage expectations,
and achieve better outcomes — together


Dedicated Request Management Queues

Maintain organization & ensure team-wide accountability

Establish a single-source-of-truth for all incoming requests, and streamline the collection of unplanned requests received from every functions of the organization. By centralizing work request management, marketing teams can collectively triage, prioritize, and manage unplanned ad-hoc work, and hold each other accountable to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Marketing project management software
Marketing project management software

Automated, Intelligent Routing

Standardize processes & streamline the delivery of work

Establish a formal intake process by deploying shareable forms to all of your internal stakeholders and eliminate the dozens of one-off touch points. And, with customizable routing rules, teams can build an engine that automatically assign each request to the most appropriate individual or team, with built-in notifications that ensure nothing is left overlooked or incomplete.


Bandwidth Dashboards to Balance Priorities

Ensure every team member is focusing on what matters most

Manage unplanned work directly alongside more strategic business priorities, and give your team the ability to more efficiently monitor workloads — as well as map incoming requests to more strategic goals. By providing a single-pane-of-glass view across all types of marketing workstreams, marketing leaders can manage better, and teams can deliver faster.

Marketing project management software

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Collaborative &
Transformative Partnership

Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace within [NewsCred] has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts.

- Sr. Manager, Content Marketing, Finance Industry

Launch & Grow a
Successful Program

NewsCred also provides high-level visibility of project status through the task manager. You can easily see the progress of tasks, which tasks are overdue, and who is currently working on a specific task.

- Marketing Content Manager, Misc.

Visibility & Accountability
at Each Stage

[NewsCred's] workflows let us assign specific steps to members, and has transformed how we organize our assets, background/planning information, and feedback, all in one place.

- Sr. Editor, Content Marketing, Misc.

"Our team creates several pieces of content for each campaign we’re running, and the centralized workspace has been instrumental in streamlining all of our processes and reducing the duplication of efforts."

— Senior Manager, Content Marketing

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