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Content marketing has entered an era of refinement

Content marketing has entered an era of refinement. We believe that every piece of content should be created with a clear mission and direction, and, above all else it needs to add value to the audience’s life. We need your help to accomplish that.


We are always searching for freelancers with deep industry expertise to help our clients create unique and valuable content that drives business results. By partnering closely with our content strategists, you’ll become an extension of our team in our quest to tell meaningful stories. 

We are looking for help with

  • + Short form articles
  • + Long form articles
  • + Ghostwritten articles
  • + Feature articles
  • + Listicles/guides
  • + Q&As
  • + Blogs
  • + Recipes
  • + Copywriting
  • + Infographics
  • + Data visualizations
  • + Micrographics
  • + Social graphics
  • + Illustrations
High value
  • + Whitepapers
  • + e-books
  • + Slideshares
  • + Reports
  • + Presentations
  • + How-to's
  • + Animated explainers
  • + Mini documentaries
  • + Social/mobile
  • + Influencer
  • + Animated GIFs
  • + Cinemagraphs
  • + Studio shoots
  • + On-location shoots
  • + Event coverage
  • + Photoessays
  • + Social photos
  • + Infographics
  • + Data visualizations
  • + Decision trees
  • + Checklists
  • + Slideshows
  • + Quizzes
  • + Calculators
  • + Microsites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of content formats does NewsCred produce?

Articles (evergreen, topical, SME-driven, ghostwritten, etc.),whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, social graphics, interactive design, photo shoots, videos, event coverage & more.

What level of subject matter expertise is desired, and in what areas?

We produce custom content for Fortune 500 enterprise brands across all the verticals and utilize creators from many different backgrounds. Our biggest vertical priorities include tech, healthcare, financial services, CPG, and others-but the topics we cover go very deep within each of these industries. Don't let the above verticals keep you from submitting your profile.

What Does the process for a typical assignment look like?

Our in-house editors pair creators with customer programs, depending on the customer's needs and the creator's expertise and level of experience. Once a match has been established, creators can expect to receive assignments on an ongoing basis (cadence of assignments varies per project) within our content Marketing Platform and will work with NewsCred editors to align content to the customer's overall business goals.

How will I work with NewsCred editors?

Our editorial team will function as your managing editor for all client work. We'll work with you to ensure the assignment is clear, you have all the information and context you need to submit exceptional wor, and also edit your work per our client's brand guidelines.

What's the pay like?

We're glad you asked! Our rates are competitive for all types of content projects, and we have a seamless process in place to ensure payments are processed quickly.

Does my geographic location matter?

If location matters, that will be included in the listing. If not, you're good! Our creators are based in every corner of the world and can work on their own schedule, in their own environment, to fulfil deadlines. That being said, we do have unique needs to fulfil at times that do require a specific geographic location-such as event coverage, location-specific translation requests, etc.

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