High-performance content marketing starts with the right software

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Enterprise content marketing platform

Running a content marketing program on a global scale can be complicated – siloed organizations, countless workstreams, and overlapping deadlines with no clear way to prove success. NewsCred’s advanced technology eases the pain by streamlining content creation and distribution, measuring performance, and surfacing predictive insights for content improvements that boost business results.

Content marketing analytics

Improving your content marketing requires a complete understanding of your performance. NewsCred’s analytics suite provides all the information you need to optimize your strategy. Our comprehensive dashboards give you the pulse of your content’s performance while surfacing actionable next steps for generating increased engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Connect content to revenue to show the impact your program has on every stage of the customer journey. Identify which pieces of content affect a purchase decision and understand why.

Track and measure which content drives desired behaviors, such as newsletter signups and cart checkouts. Iterate on your strategy to build more effective content at each stage of the purchasing journey by understanding the leading indicators of purchase intent.

Identify the topics, authors, formats, and channels your audience cares about most. Attract a larger, more engaged following by using this information to publish more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Data-driven Ideation

Enrich your content planning process with SEO and social trend data. NewsCred Idea Lab helps you identify topics that will resonate with your audience, rank well in search results, and drive high-quality organic traffic. Discover the topics your audience is seeking through our related keyword and question recommendations and track your search results ranking versus the competition over time.

Keyword Research

Discover new topics and keywords through Idea Lab’s automated keyword research. Determine what keywords to target to improve your search rankings. Compare search volume and competitiveness data to find the best opportunities. Expand and refine your topics with our keyword recommendations to ensure your content addresses the related concepts that are searched for by your audience.

Social Trends + Common Questions

Create content that is useful, engaging, and attracts the right audience. Get inspiration for content from the articles, formats, and channels popular with your audience on social media. Develop content with your brand’s unique perspective that answers questions your audience is asking and positions your brand as a trusted resource.

Rank Tracking + Share of Voice

Share of Voice gives you the complete set of competitors ranking on key topics so you can
target the right keywords in your metadata and win the organic traffic battle. Track who else is ranking for valuable keywords, identify gaps in content impacting SERP position, and determine your strategic and tactical plan to leap the competition.

Content marketing operations

Chaos simplified. Every project, deadline, and action item managed for global and local teams. Reduce costs and foster teamwork with a platform that organizes all of your marketing activities so everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Make your team more efficient and productive. Create custom workflows that reflect your organization’s specific production, approval, and publishing processes. Streamline all collaboration and feedback within a unified workspace to reduce time to publish, while still ensuring brand governance.

Stay on top of your program. Maintain shared calendars for tracking the execution of your content marketing strategy across the entire organization. Keep track of tasks and contingencies to ensure your team is meeting publishing deadlines and not duplicating efforts. With greater insight into your team’s activities, you’ll drive a more integrated and successful content marketing program.

A modern asset management user experience that simplifies content organization and facilitates seamless collaboration across global and local teams. Enhance your ability to govern, locate, and repurpose content, at scale, by combining a single, centralized location for content with actionable workflows.

Compliance and security

Keep your brand safe. Secure your content and data by defining role-based permissions and controlling account access through advanced login protocols. Build and maintain a brand governance process unique to your organization and enforce brand guidelines at each stage of your content's lifecycle.

Content creation

Content is king. Without exceptional content to attract and capture your target audience, achieving business goals isn’t possible. Create and curate an extensive collection of standout content – all within a single platform.

Licensed content curation

Access thousands of top-tier publishers at your fingertips. Directly source and publish fully licensed articles to your hub from providers like the New York Times, Washington Post, IDG, The Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Forbes.

Original content authoring

Eliminate the obstacles to ramping up the quality of your content. The NewsCred content marketing platform accelerates the sourcing, production, and publishing of top-tier content effortlessly. Create and post pitch requests directly to our global network of hand-selected experts. Seamlessly collaborate throughout the development process to produce authentic brand experiences that deliver tangible financial results. Once your piece of content has been completed, there is no need to worry about paperwork and payments – it’s all handled automatically.

Multiple content types

Keep your content marketing fresh and engaging by creating a variety of content types in the NewsCred platform. Purpose-built editors for text, images, and infographics make it simple to ensure the format of the content you are distributing matches expectations given the channel, audience, and message. As a result, you will be able to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Content hubs

Launch a beautiful content hub that showcases your brand, engages your audience, builds brand equity, and drives conversions. Our content hubs, which we’ll build and host for you, are optimized for content marketing performance with features that drive traffic growth and deliver an outstanding user experience.

Reduce the set-up time and cost of launching a content hub. With NewsCred, you have the option to build a WordPress site using one of our proven templates that can be tailored to your brand guidelines. Or, select a custom design. We include features like social sharing, SEO, search, tagging, and responsive mobile design as standard offerings.

Our WordPress integration allows you to publish content directly from the NewsCred Content Marketing Platform to your CMS.

Continuously improve your site performance. We help you identify, test, implement, and measure site enhancements to maximize your content marketing efforts.

Put content at the center of your marketing stack

Omni-channel marketing demands exceptional content at every single touchpoint. NewsCred’s integrations orchestrate distribution to ensure a consistent, cross-channel brand experience.